In the Top 99 Women of 2009 Megan Fox came in #2 to Eva Mendes. It’s your turn to vote now and decide who you think is hotter!

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Megan Fox

In 2008 Megan Fox really came into her own as a hollywood star, she currently has 3 films in different stages of production expected to be released in 2009, The biggest of which is the upcoming blockbuster Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen. Megan Fox was also consistently topping the lists of the most desirable female starlette. Megan is currently engaged to Brian Austin Green of 90210 fame.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes was recently votes as the top woman for 2009. 2008 was a great year for Eva with films such as The Sprit and The Women. This year Eva Mendes like Megan Fox has 3 films in post production and expected to be released this year.

It looks like our dreams are not going to be coming true, a spokesperson for Megan Fox, has said that Megan Fox will not be replacing Angelina Jolie in the next Tomb Raider movie. In fact the spokesperson said

“She’s not involved in the movie at all…”

Too Bad!

It’s been a w

hile since I did a post with some pictures of Megan Fox, so here are a few.






If you are still looking for a 2009 Megan Fox Calendar, here is another one of our special yearly calendars. I hope you enjoy it!

Sexy 2009 Megan Fox Calendar

Sounds like Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus, and Lindsay Lohan are all competing for a role in  a proposed Disney adaptation of the novel The Stepsister Scheme – a story about the life of a princess and her two stepsisters. Does Megan seriously need to compete with Miley Cyrus? I’d be happy with Megan and Lindsay in a film together!

Rumors are swirling all over the web that Megan Fox may replace Angelina Jolie, as Laura Croft. I can only hope so, although I agree that Angelia Jolie is pretty hot, I think Megan Fox is even hotter – plus Laura Croft has huge breasts, mabey Megan Fox will get an enhancement for the role!

As many of us already know Megan Fox showed up to the Golden Globes all alone – without boyfriend / fiancee Brian Austin Green.  Megan said to the E! hostess -

“He doesn’t want to be here… He doesn’t want to be my date. He’s a man. He has an ego.”

“I think he’s probably working on music. I don’t think he cares,” Fox said.

Is their relationship on the rocks! Honestly, I hope so!

Here is a quick recap of Megan Fox at the Golden Globes last night

  1. She looked HOT in a Ralph Lauren dress
  2. During an interview with the E! host she said she resembled Alan Alda and looked like a tranny
  3. She left Brian Austin Green at home to work on his “music”
  4. She wanted to trade boobs with the E! host
  5. Oh yeah did I mention she looked HOT!

According to OK Magazine Megan Fox will be a guest at Fergie’s upcoming wedding to Josh Duhamel (who co-starts with Megan Fox in Transformers)

Here is a quick clip starring Megan Fox, Shia Labeouf, Ramone Rodriguez, and Isabel Lucas. From the upcoming Transformers 2 moves – Revenge of The Fallen. This YouTube clip shows a couple of takes of a scene filmed at Princeton.

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